Hoe Folding tip to heart Truffles

Hoe Folding tip to heart Truffles

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Vanghetto Folding handle Long Lama on the search of truffles,
Vanghetti - Folding Zappino can be completely disassembled.
This comfortable and convenient tool for searching for truffles, revolutionizes the concept of folding spade, you can change the tips with ease, according to the terrain to be excavated, the system is seamless.
An innovative tool to get the truffles.
To be used in the classic positions: a spade or zappino.
Ideal for Black Summer truffles and Green Olives.
Robust - practical and Pocket!
The Trifolabianca folding spade consists of a handle in varnished and worked beech, the tip holder block and the hardened steel lance, the assembly screws are in stainless steel with an allen insert.
Handle size 25 cm
The size of the lance is 9 x 5 cm
The blade tips can also be mounted on this model



Product Note Status Price
Tip blade for Hoes Cards Tip blade for Hoes Cards
12.00 € **
Dedications written engravings on wooden handles Dedications written engravings on wooden handles
35.00 € ** Notify on availability
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