Oil Truffles Black 20 ml for training truffle dogs

Oil Truffles Black 20 ml for training truffle dogs

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The natural oil truffle and suitable both for basic training and for the improvement of those already initiated
The advantages of the natural oil truffle!
Perfume constant:
The intensity emitted fragrant truffle, remains unchanged from the first to the last drop.
Unique scent:
Traces odorous trainer are absent, thanks to a convenient dropper tip that allows you to manipulate the oil without leaving traces of other smells.
For training is definitely the most versatile tool, the dog does not eat it, do not stay on the ground remains "as occurs with the use of fresh truffles" the smell remains the same "fresh truffles and frozen in time gradually come to rot"
Suitable for the training of dogs that perform races.
How to use the truffle oil:
During the various steps of the training the amount of drops placed inside the container or on the rag should progressively decrease up to 2 \ 3 drops per dose, this type of training allows to refine the smell of the dog in the millimeter increasing the concentration .
When the dog has reached a good level of search, will point out even one (1) single drop dropped in the grass.
Considering the advantages of the natural oil truffle above you can understand the importance of this product during dog training truffle
The truffle oil "Trifolabianca" allows for subjects with a higher gear.
Why use natural oil truffle?
Who reads these lines want your dog started or perfections in search of truffles.
At the beginning of the training usually uses fresh or frozen truffles, considering the fact that the degree of maturity and the smell emanating from the truffles is different, we will accordingly grains that smell a lot and others not.
During training phases we will immediately realize that the most fragrant truffles are easily identified by the dog, while those less fragrant (unripe) will give a hard time before being found.
Continuing with the training we expect that our dog playing Search, and find truffles continuously after each find a tidbit a caresses and sweet words are the key to trigger a positive reflection in the dog.
The positive effect that the dog receives during these phases of training led him to find the shortest route to deserve the award.
Many do not know that dogs to solve a problem they always take the shortest route, in our case the resolution of the problem is to try and find truffles to receive the reward.
This natural behavior leads the dog to identify first the truffles that give off more scent (perfume) then followed by others that smell less.
But the concentration of the dog as it lasts?
The concentration that the dog may decrease dedicated to looking after the findings of the most fragrant truffles, itself a subject is well trained to look for the slightest scent trail, you will definitely find more truffles than many other dogs.
Training with the truffle oil allows for dogs concentrated seeking the smallest scent trail.
The oil for training is a product without preservatives, is obtained without immerse the truffle oil through a process of natural exchange with forced circulation.
Store in the dark away from heat sources
It is sold in a convenient 20 ml bottle with dropper.
Not for food use

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