24 volt heated base for insulated kennel

24 volt heated base for insulated kennel

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This product is compatible with the models of Trifolabianca kitchens purchased after May 30th 2015.

In the base of the kennel we installed the electric heating system with 24-volt radiant plates, equipped with an automatic regulator that guarantees the ideal temperature for our animals.

To maintain a constant hygiene of the product, the system has been designed to be easily washed with a pressure washer.

The insulated heating panel is mounted on an aluminum frame of the same sizes and holes as the models of kennels produced since May 2015

The electrical connection is designed to facilitate the work of displacement and cleaning, consists of a universal female 24 volt socket mounted flush with the aluminum frame, this avoids having fixed cables that come out of the Po Valley, also in case of damage to the power cord , do not intervene on the product but simply replace or repair the cable.

The product is supplied including a 220 / 24v low-voltage power supply

Selection: 24 volt heated base for insulated kennel

Product no. Modello Status Price
Baserisc-6040 Piccola 60 x 40
169.00 *
Baserisc-7050 Medio Piccola 70 x 50
182.00 *
Baserisc-8060 Media cm 80 x 60
199.00 *
Baserisc-9070 Medio Grande cm 90 x 70
259.00 *
Baserisc-10070 Medio Grande/Grande cm 100 x 70
269.00 *
Baserisc-10090 Grande cm 100 x 80
274.00 *
Baserisc-12080 XXL 120 x 80
289.00 *
Baserisc-150100 Extra Large cm 150 x 100
327.00 *
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