Affects ovangkol wood truffles with wavy wool

Affects ovangkol wood truffles with wavy wool

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Made truffle size made in Italy, handle the ovangkol wood with wavy blade with stable and precise cutter.

The wavy blade is suitable for slicing black truffles, which have a toughest zest.

Cutting thickness from 0.2 to 3 mm

Ideal for slicing truffles of species:

Precious black - Summer black - Winter - Muscat - Brumal - Ordinary black.

Notes: Precious black (Tuber melanosporum) - Summer black (Tuber aestivum) - Winter (Tuber aestivum form uncinatum) - Moscato (Tuber brumale form moscatum) - Ordinary black (Tuber mesentericum) - Scorza (losing) the outside of the truffle

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