Accessories for speakers childbirth dogs

Accessories for speakers childbirth dogs
For a birth safely, accessories for speakers childbirth complete the series dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth weaning of pups.
Kit designed for the heating of the litter, absorbent towels, bowls and special enclosures to simplify the work of the farmer.

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Complete Kit with Heat lamp for cash delivery

Complete Kit to heat the cash delivery, comprising: Auction aluminum, door bell and lamp infrared bulb 150 w

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Infrared lamp for heating puppies and adult dogs

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Bell diameter 26 x 30 cm in height, made of aluminum for heating dogs, CE Standard

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Puppies fence for dogs Cassa Childbirth

Universal Kit Enclosure Box for childbirth to be fixed to the cashier. Composed of 8 adjustable modules 60x80h guides and fixings.

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Fence for dogs in galvanized mesh door with 160 x 80h

Galvanized fence with 1 Port Diameter 160 cm x 80 high, for containment puppies, removable and foldable easily useful in demonstrations dogs.

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Super absorbent towels and tanks for childbirth dogs and cars

Absorbent towels aseptic washable, ideal for Childbirth dog, Catini and pans for car and home

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Dog enclosure 160 x 60 cm with door

Galvanized fence with diameter 160 x 60 cm high, for holding puppies, removable and easily closable.

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Footrests Insulated Dog

Comfortable and stable platforms from outside and inside, constructed in material insulated with Aluminium frame

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Door Bowls to hang from 20-25-28 cm

Door bowls with hooks to hang on the box fence, including bowl.

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Door bowls with base and bowls

Door bowls with feet and base, ideal when the pups are nursing and can not eat the food of the mother - including bowls

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Dog hopper for dogs cm 40 x 30 x 50 h

Ensuring that food is important, this manger allows the dog to feed even in our absence.

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Wooden dog platforms

Platforms \ Indoor and outdoor brandies, built in marine plywood with aluminum frame.

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24 volt heated dog board

Heated footrests for dogs, to heat winter safely, 24v low voltage, washable and hygienic.

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